What are the benefits of the infrared heating on SM-9000 model?

SM-9000 Model has the infrared heating feature from the rollers provides the unique massage experience.

Infrared heating has become one of the best heating therapy for your health especially for muscle relaxation.

What is infrared heat?

Infrared heat is the most basic form of heating that we know including heat your body emits. There is no light we can see but we can feel the heating.

An interesting characteristic about infrared heating is that no matter how cold the surrounding environment is, you will feel the heating because it travels through the air and releases the heat.

What are benefits of infrared heat massage therapy?

Infrared heating with massage can give many benefits on your body as muscle relaxation, improve circulation and help with muscle, joints and inflammation pain relief.

It also provides you the heat energy with the least of fatal irritation. This amazing beneficial light ray that carries pure and high thermal efficiency infiltrates deep into skin and emphasize the kinetic energy of tissue to decompose the built harmful substances and fatigues. Also, decompose the causes of the aging that leads boost metabolism and vasodilation.

From using Kahuna SM-9000 with the infrared heating system on the roller, it will give true relaxation and relieves fatigue and relief pain from sciatica, myalgia, asthma and more caused by boosting metabolism.