- LED Near-Infrared Ray for Anti-Aging Solution

- Equivalent to that of 17 years ago by applying Kahuna Mask 17 minutes every day for 17days

- Experience skin miracle


  • Simply wear Kahuna Mask for 17 minutes to have your young skin back without face peeling or Botox

    Improving wrinkle around forehead and eyes / Alleviating freckle and tiny spots / Improving nasolabial folds around the mouth / Increased moisture and elasticity / Professional skin care at home

    (For more effective results, Use skincare cosmetics together.) 

    Infrared Light is known as "Light of Life" for extreme efficacy on skin revitalization anti-aging. It can penetrate into deep skin reproducing collagen with extremely low heat generating on your skin. This miracle light cares blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines improve trouble spots and boosts the complexion's radiance and appearance.

    Using Infrared light on the skin was first introduced by NASA for wound healing of astronauts. NASA reports that infrared light can improve the healing of wounds such as blemishes, serious burns, and soreness.

    Reliable verification from specialized institute

    The result of clinical demonstrations proving the effectiveness of BB Mask itself shows that infrared light gives dramatic change in reducing wrinkles and improving skin complexion by improving the cell activation. For more effective results, use skincare cosmetics together to boost up its superior moisturization and administration.

    Skin moisture is used as a figure of evaluating skin wrinkles and elasticity, which affects the healthy skin and aging most directly. The result of the clinical demonstration shows that Kahuna mask is extremely effective in increasing skin moisture. 

  • ㆍSpecification

    - Stop using in these cases-red spot, swollen, itchy, etc.

    - Applied part has above symptoms, by direct sunlight 

    - Don’t use with injury part, eczema, dermatitis etc.

    - Storage and treatment caution

    - Close cover after using

    - Avoid infant or child to store

    - Avoid high or low temperature and direct light place to store