Ruhens Air Purifier WHA-320 | FEATURES

    • Cluster Ionizer
    • Air Quality System
    • Mood Lighting
    • Sensor Touch Screen
    • Filter Replacement System (Only For Hepa Filter)
    • Advanced technology for air cleaning RUHENS air purifier make a pleasant air by emitting the ion cluster which effectively remove germs, microorganism like staphylococcus aureus into air.
    • The 4-stage of LED lamp to show the air pollution level A sensor detects the indoor air pollution level and display its degree of air pollution in 4 kinds of colors.
    • Smart Sleep Mode The airflow speed and light will be optimized automatically during a sleep mode for a pleasant rest.
  • Six-stage clean system to remove fine dust particles
  • 99.9% removal of E. coli by cluster ionizer
  • Three-stage filter system
  • 360 ° grille rotation cleaning function
  • One step advanced convenience function